Website Design,
Graphics, Downloads, Scuba Diving and other pictures, Just about Anything!
I  started out making DYVR.COM to be a scuba diving site, but it turned out to be a site with everything from diving and  astronomy  pictures to downloads and experiments. I am
always adding or changing pages with new ideas to this site.  Every time I learn something new, I add it to the pages. As an example, when I had a need such as a calendar, I could never find exactly what I needed, or I couldn't remember where I found one before, so I made several calendars for this site.  I have now included a search engine by Google and font downloads. I don't use any web design programs to build my websites. I find that web design programs limit what I can do so I use windows notepad as my HTML editor.  Please browse my website and enjoy, but please don't copy my graphics or pictures without my permission!   More is added regularly so please check back again. The menu at the top is better for a mouse, the menus on the sides are better for tablets and touch screens.  Don't forget to check out our links page too!     This site was last updated 06/05/2022
Recently, I have received several offers to buy this domain name. Please note that this site is permanent.